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Equiem 2018 Year in Review

Continuing our mission to transform real estate, one square foot at a time, 2018 saw us expand farther across the globe, welcoming new clients and building new communities. See how our market-leading platform continues to evolve and innovate, galvanising our position as the leaders in tenant experience.

Key results and stats across our business
Our top campaigns and building launches
New clients and Equiem-powered buildings
Latest tech updates and a sneak peek of what’s coming

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Our Essential Guide to Tenant Engagement

Launching a tenant engagement platform or program in a commercial space isn't easy. It requires excellent technology, coordinated execution, extensive planning and a clear strategy. Cut through the complexity and gain a head start in this eight-part series – as we take you through the fundamental steps you need to take to plan and execute your first set of tenant engagement initiatives. Includes eight downloadable worksheets.

1. What is tenant engagement (and why is it crucial)?
2. Who are my customers? Profiling your building and tenant community
3. Taking stock: reviewing your current tenant engagement offering
4. What do your tenants want? Three ways to conduct customer research
5. How to build the perfect tenant engagement strategy
6. There’s no “I” in tenant engagement: finding retail and service partners
7. How to launch your first tenant engagement initiative
8. The final step: How to set KPI's and assess engagement results

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7 Reasons To Launch A Tenant Experience App For Your Building

In the last five years, tenant experience platforms have become the essential new weapon for commercial landlords to differentiate their assets and elevate their tenant offering. Find out why this technology has taken the industry by storm as we explore the seven key benefits of tenant experience platforms like Equiem.

1. Introduction: A new era of workplace expectations
2. The rising importance of customer experience
3. Engage directly with your entire building population
4. Create an attractive coworking environment between companies and occupants
3. Improve your building without a redevelopment or renovation
4. Understand tenants using data and insights no one has ever uncovered before
5. Unlock new revenue and gain greater ROI
6. Lease space faster and build new tenant relationships from the move-in date
7. Unite occupants around community and environmental projects

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Rialto: Making a Melbourne icon into a flourishing community

In 2011, the owners of the 25-year-old Rialto were facing a rapidly evolving and increasingly competitive landscape. They were looking for new and innovative ways to consolidate Rialto’s position as a market leader. Together, we found the solution.

1. The Challenge
2. The Solution
3. The Results
4. Testimonials

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